Memorial Dove Releases

A white dove release at a memorial or graveside service can be both beautiful and therapeutic.  We hope your family finds them helpful at this difficult time.  Some options to consider:

Package A:  The Spirit's Ascension
This is a single dove release that represents the release and ascension of an individual loved one's spirit.  This release evokes powerful emotion as onlookers watch a single white dove make a solitary journey upward and onward.  Be prepaired for equal measures of sadness, beauty, and hope as the single dove helps family and friends to say goodbye.

Package B:  The Holy Ascension
This ascension involves the release of three white doves.  One bird each to represent the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  The three white doves draw a perfect conclusion to any Christian graveside service where the desire is to keep the focus firmly fixed on God.

Package C:  The Ascension of Angels
This is a two part release.  The single spirit dove is released first.  As the spirit dove becomes airborne a second group of 7 doves are released as angels.  As friends and family watch the angel doves will escorth the spirit dove home.  This is a particularly nice release that brings any ceremony to a beautiful conclusion.  This release is less about "goodbye" and more about "until we meet again."

Package D:  Design Your Own Release
What would be most helpful to you and your family?  We're listening and will do our best to help you design the perfect release.
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