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Wild Flowers

Everyone loves wild flowers.  Perhaps it's because they have a way of helping us to simplify and smile at pure unrefined beauty.  To hold a wildflower is to grasp for a minute, an hour, or a couple of days that which is beautiful in its most innocent form.  Our wildflowers are beautiful.  And, as their name implies, they are wild.  They are not bred for a long vase life.  For brides getting married on our farm during the late spring and summer months they make a lovely backdrop to your day.  For brides wishing to work with wild flowers in your floral's do-able but tricky.   Wild flowers do not transport well.  When used in flower arrangements wild flowers should always be a last minute addition and should never be purchased more than 24 hours prior to use. 

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  • Late May to early June wild flowers

  • Early June wild flowers

  • early June wild flowers

  • Mid June wild flowers

  • Mid June Wildflowers

  • A June wedding day.

  • Mid to late June wild flowers

  • Mid to late June wild flowers

  • Late June buckets of wildflowers

  • Late June wild flowers

  • Late June wild flowers

  • Late June wild flowers

  • wild daisies

  • July wildflowers

  • A mixed bag of wild flowers - July

  • Mid July among the wildflowers.

  • Just Married.

  • July Wildflowers

  • Bird cages make great containers for wildflowers

  • Mid July wild flowers

  • Mid July wild flowers

  • July and August watering cans of wildflowers and hydrangea

  • Late July and Early August

  • Cosmos available July and August

  • July-August

  • August

  • August - For best results we recommend mixing wildflowers with other flowers.

  • Mid August to September

  • Mid August to September wild flowers

  • Mid August to September

  • Buckwheat in Mid August

  • September wild flowers

  • Our honeybees make wonderful honey gifts for your guests out of our wildflower nectar.

  • August wildflowers

  • Early September wildflowers

  • Mid September wildflowers

  • Mid September

  • a bucket of wildflowers and hydrangea


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