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Beekeeping Camp and Farm Fresh Raw Honey

If you want to grasp a better understanding of farming, spend more time outdoors, follow thru on a project from beginning to end and amaze yourself with a growing sense of self confidence and knowledge than one of our tours may be just the ticket.  As you can see from the photos, our tours were initially developed as a hands on learning experience for our own daughter.  She enjoyed it so much we've decided to open the program others.  Fun, informative, and super cool, you'll love this tour.  You may even decide to come to bee camp!  We are not about stuffy lectures and classroom time...this camp is about doing!  Our camp is full of hands on activities that are safe, fun, and challenging to all who participate.  So join us for a season of beekeeping fun!   

Whether you've taken beekeeping classes and are having trouble moving from classroom learning to hands on reality or are just looking for a season of hands on fun...Our Salt Air Farm Tour or  Bee Camp is there for you.

  • one pound jars of honey

  • 2.5 pound jar of honey

  • 2.5 pound jar with cut honey comb

  • Our 8 oz. muth jar makes a great little gift.

  • Our 4 oz. muth jar works as a guest favor for all kinds of events.

  • Our tureen jar holds 4 oz. and is a perfect teacher gift or stocking stuffer.

  • A 3.5 oz sample jar is the most economical way to treat friends and teachers to our honey. Here it was used as a honey favor at a wedding.

  • Getting a child started with beekeeping.

  • Participants build and paint their own beehives.

  • Tours may request a book on beekeeping to take home for an additional $9. charge.

  • Salt Air Farm provides all your beekeeping equipment for you...including a smoker.

  • Hive tools are provided too!

  • A newly assembled beehive.

  • Part of our apiary

  • Bee tour participants learn about the different jobs of the honeybee.

  • Our honeybees have lots of wildflowers and fruit trees available to them.

  • Uncapping honey is a sticky job but bee camp participants love it!

  • Every bee camp participant gets to keep the honey from his/her hive. We provide you with the tools necessary to bottle your own honey.

  • Our observation hive takes the "scary" out of learning about honeybees.

  • Classes on beekeeping are open to all ages.

  • Looks like someone's home!

  • Bee Camp participants harvesting capped honey from a hive.

  • Harvesting honey is exciting.

  • Taking harvested honey back to the honey house.

  • A close-up look at capped honeycomb.

  • A close-up look at uncapped honeycomb.

  • Whether child or adult we'll walk you through the beekeeping process step by step.

  • Bee camp participants build their own bee hives.

  • Honey extracting is lots of fun. Yummy too!

  • Bee suits are provided for bee camp participants.

  • Bee camp participant uncapping honeycomb.

  • Extracting honey from the comb.

  • filtering pure honey prior to filling honey jars.

  • Young or can do this!

  • Hexagon jars also make an attractive display of your product.

  • Camp isn't just for kids!

  • reviewing equipment

  • We have you covered.

  • Sweet rewards

  • Somedays there are more bees outside the box than inside.

  • feeling safe

  • Even our youngest participants can help with extraction.

  • wrapping up a beekeeping season

  • Getting everyone out of the hive for honey extraction isn't always easy!

  • getting the honey frames prepped for extraction

  • Hmmmm. They will sting.

  • A capped frame of honey.

  • A happy colony of honey bees


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