Wedding Releases

While most folks know that white doves are symbols for peace, love, purity, and spirit most folks don't  know that these birds have two other qualities that make them a perfect and unique element to add to any daytime wedding ceremony.  Stated simply, our doves mate for life and always come home.  Let us help you design a release that will draw your wedding ceremony to the perfect conclusion.  Here are some ideas to get you thinking:

Package A:  The Couples Release
For a small, intimate, gathering a bride and groom may want to consider releasing a pair of doves.  Once released the pair will climb into the sky above your ceremony, circle, and then journey home together side by side.

Package B:  The Best Wishes Release
This release is for those that understand that a happy marriage and a happy home is about more than just the two of you.  We all need the love and support of our families and friends.  The Best Wishes Release is a two part release.  It first involves the bride and groom releasing a pair of birds.  Once that pair is up the parents or wedding party of the new couple release an additional 8-10 birds to join the original pair in the air over your ceremony.  As a group they will circle your event and then journey homeward together.

Package C:  The Celebration Release
This release is for the bride that wants a traditional day with a modern twist.  The Celebration Release replaces throwing rice or blowing bubbles.  Friends and family gathered outside the church are treated to a release of 10 white doves that burst from the church doors immediately before the new couple exits the church for the first time as husband and wife.

Package D:  The Perfect End to the Perfect Day Release
Evening weddings will sometimes end with fireworks or released lanterns that glow as they disappear out of site into the night air.  Those things don't work for a daytime event but the desire for an activity to pull the party to a beautiful conclusion remains.  A final dove release is the perfect conclusion to a perfect blessed day.

Package E:  Design Your Own Release
We're here and listening.  Come up with the idea and we'll see how we can help make it a reality.
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