Our Dove Loft

The time lines of our lives are set by the high highs and the low lows.  If you are looking to mark one of life's really meaningful moments with just the right special touch we invite you to consider a dove release.  White doves have been the everlasting symbol of love, peace, hope, new beginnings, purity, and spirit.  A white dove release acknowledges our hope for the future and recognizes the untouchable sacred element of eternal love.  At Salt Air Farm we are happy to help you design the perfect release to make any occasion special.  Our doves are used to mark weddings, funerals, memorials, graduations, and births.

We lovingly raise, train, and maintain a team of beautiful white Rock Doves (snowy white homing pigeons) that are able to be released to do what they love to do most...fly!  They are beautiful to watch, happy to perform, and able to return safely home from your event.  Our Rock Doves can easily return home from any location on the North Fork of Long Island, South Fork of Long Island, Shelter Island, and Nassau County.

While our birds can add a splash of drama or special touch to any day they are not for every occasion.  Please be aware that our doves are family members that we would never put them in harms way.  As a result we design releases for daytime events only.  If you think a dove release would be the perfect adjunct to your occasion please call us at 631-235-8195 to discuss the possibilities! 

Wedding Releases
While most folks know that white doves are symbols for peace, love, purity, and spirit most folks don't  know that these birds have two other qualities that make them a perfect and unique element to add to any daytime wedding ceremony.  Stated simply, our doves mate for life and always come home.  Let us help you design a release that will draw your wedding ceremony to the perfect conclusion.  Here are some ideas to get you thinking:
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Memorial Dove Releases
A white dove release at a memorial or graveside service can be both beautiful and therapeutic.  We hope your family finds them helpful at this difficult time.
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Prayer Releases
Have you ever wished you could send a message directly to God?  You can, of course, any time of any day with nothing more than a simple whispered prayer.  But there are times when it's useful to visualize your prayer.  Whether you are gathered as a congregation for a special worship service or simply looking to mark a personal prayer that goes directly "from your lips to God's ears" doves can help.  Call us and we'll help you design the perfect release.

Answers To Frequently Asked Questions:
Check our FAQs page for more information on our doves and releases.

"Dear Prudence,  Thank you for supplying the doves at our commencement ceremony this past weekend.  It was a bitter-sweet event for our community...made it a very special and memorable moment."  Dan Holtzman, Principal  6/27/16

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