Farm Florist Services

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If you want specialty cut flowers fresh from the farm that are pulled together into breathtaking arrangements then we are here to help.  Our farm grows beautiful flowers specifically for events like yours.  We have an outstanding floral design team with experience in weddings, funerals, graduations, showers, corporate events, hotels, restaurants, catering halls, and movie sets. 

We believe that the big events in life are important both as they are taking place and for years to come.  Your event will become a marker on the timeline of your life.  By using our farm product your day will be bursting with a glow that can only be achieved when working with really fresh blooms.  That's important.  But equally important is the fact that each year those same flowers will burst into bloom again just in time to mark a very special anniversary.  Seeing those flowers, with their accompanying fragrance, will bring about a very personal reminder that can only be achieved when working with a local product.  Want those same flowers to bloom right outside your own back door each year?  We're happy to provide our clients with a matching potted plant to be incorporated into the ceremony and then planted for years of enjoyment.

We are commited to helping make your day both unique and special.  We are experienced with theme development, floral vignettes, and large floral displays that set the mood of the day.  Individuals taking advantage of our farm florist services also have access to our event rental inventory allowing for a look that might be difficult to achieve where full purchase of some pricier containers, props, or religious pieces are required. 

We also understand that lots of folks prefer to K.I.S.S. (keep it simple stupid!)  If that's you, whenever possible, we are happy to do as much or as little of the flower arranging as you'd like.  If you prefer to wholesale your stems and do all your own arranging we are good with that.  Go to our wholesale hydrangea page and look into buying stems in bulk.  If you want to do just some of your own arranging but would like us to do some as well that works too.  Some folks are comfortable doing their own table arrangements but would like help with corsages, bridal bouquets, bouts, pew arrangements, etc.  That's just fine.  Whenever possible, we're happy to do any combination of wholesale and retail that works for you.

Whether you want to go country or sophiscated we are able to help highlight the customs and beliefs that make you and your loved ones who you are.  We have extensive experience working with different cultures and religions and can provide chuppahs, doves, etc. to make your day special.

Need other organic items for your event?  Just let us know.  If we are doing your flower arranging we are happy to grow pumpkins in green, blue, white, pink, orange, or beige as amazing living floral vases.  We also grow wheat for fall arrangements and berries to be mixed with your summer blooms.  Our honey from our farm apiary makes a sweet guest favor and our "white dove releases" can add just the right drama to the day.   Our fresh cut flowers are only the beginning.

Drop us an email or give a call.  We'll listen carefully and then turn your fresh cut stems into a beautiful reality.

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